MSF Washington Refugee Camp: Civilians typically only have seconds to gather essential belongings when they are forced to run for refuge when violence breaks out. Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders has constructed makeshift tents, clinics and a virtual reality dome on the National Mall in Washington D.C., where people can get an up close view of the global migrant and refugee crisis.

South Sudanese students who say they were given full scholarships in 2015 by their government to study in Zimbabwe are stranded at the South Sudan embassy in Harare. As Ayen Bior reports, 29 students say they were discharged a week ago for nonpayment of tuition fees.

Here in Washington D.C., members of Congress held a hearing yesterday about on-going troubles in South Sudan. But the hearing yesterday by the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee was interrupted when demonstrators in the audience held up signs protesting the political turmoil in Gabon.

Dozens of Sudanese protesters gathered last night in front of the Willard Intercontinental hotel in Washington DC, about one block from the White House. It was the site of a Sudan embassy dinner commemorating Sudan’s independence. The Charge D ’Affairs, Muhammad Atta was inside and as Ayen Deng Bior reports, he was at the center of the protesters’ frustration.

South Sudan’s national dialogue is slated to begin this month. But there is little support for the dialogue among South Sudanese politicians in the United States, who say it appears it will not be inclusive. They say a more appropriate description of the proposed national dialogue is a monologue. Ayen Bior reports from Washington.