As the confirmed number of coronavirus cases reaches a new milestone – more than 3 million documented cases worldwide – the realities of COVID-19 come with a number of changes that have disrupted our everyday lives. On this next edition of VOA Our Voices, we’ll take you to South Africa where COVID-19 has forged a new normal, to Liberia where young people are finding ways to protect their communities and to the United Kingdom, where a COVID-19 survivor shares her harrowing experience and her advice on what you can do to protect yourself.​

This week on #VOAOurVoices our team goes beyond the headlines and tackles African women on and off the sports field. With women continuously making history in professional sports, their success is shadowed by controversies, challenges and experiences not faced by their male counterparts. We discuss equal pay and resources, the controversy surrounding South African Olympic runner Caster Semenya and highlight some historic strides of sportswomen in the diaspora.

#VOAOurVoices joins the international community in marking the World Day against Trafficking Persons. Yearly millions of vulnerable victims, mainly adult women, fall into human trafficking, through violence, manipulation and false promises. Our team, joined by VOA Zimbabwe Digital Lead Marvelous Nyahuye, takes a closer look at the myths and misconceptions of trafficking, measures to combat the act and how survivors cope.

This week on #VOAOurVoices we discuss what some have coined as the other ‘F’ word, Feminism. Defined as equality of the sexes, feminism seeks to create equality in political, economic, personal and social spaces between men and women. But what is feminism in the African context, is there such a concept? Our team will also examine traditional and non-traditional roles of women, and the women who are breaking the mold in male dominated work spaces.

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